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Wedding backgrounds and Wedding PowerPoint

Looking for the best wedding backgrounds available? Look no further. The Wedding Series offers stunning wedding backgrounds for use with digital projectors. Our professional wedding backgrounds are the best available on the web, and are available in both jpeg and PowerPoint formats. The series also includes wedding video loops (moving backgrounds), wedding slideshow templates, and titled backgrounds for many common ceremony/reception elements. Whether you are planning your own wedding, someone else’s, or host weddings even occasionally, this is a wedding resource you can’t afford to miss!

Simple PowerPoint for Weddings

All our PowerPoint wedding slides are provided in easy to use templates that come complete with step by step instructions for use. No wasted time or effort. You can pull together a PowerPoint wedding presentation for the ceremony; create a professional grade wedding photo montage and a special reception presentation in no time. The PowerPoint wedding slides were designed to give you maximum impact with total simplicity- so your wedding can be enhanced without raising your stress level!

Wedding Backdrops

Not sure how to use the wedding backgrounds and PowerPoint wedding slides? With the simplicity of the PowerPoint wedding templates and the customizability of the jpeg images you really are limited only by your imagination! From simple backdrops to enhance the vows, signing of the registry, etc. to creating a virtual program (to replace the printed ones!) to displaying vows, quotes, bible verses and more…there are so many options. Or, use the slides to assist your wedding reception MC in announcing key moments: cutting of the cake, open mike, ‘thank you’ to guests, etc. This versatile collection is as functional as it is beautiful!


Download our FREE wedding slideshow trial today and try it out for yourself!

Free Trial - PowerPoint Photo Slideshow
(click on image to open or save - may take a few minutes to open)


Download a FREE PowerPoint wedding presentation and see for yourself how easy and customizable it really is!

Free Trial - PowerPoint Ceremony Slideshow
(click on image to open or save - may take a few minutes to open)


Free Christian Backgrounds

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